Julia Mansour

Genetic Counsellor

Julia is a registered Clinical Genetic Counsellor with over 10 years clinical experience working across all areas of clinical genetics: prenatal, paediatrics, adult onset conditions, and cancer genetics.

Julia has a passion for cancer genetic counselling and works with women, men and families who may have an increased chance of developing cancer due to their genetic makeup.

Julia also has extensive experience supporting women and couples in their pregnancy planning and can help guide you through the available prenatal screening options and help you access appropriate tests.

Julia holds qualifications in science, genetic counselling and law, and she has been admitted to the ACT Supreme Court as a lawyer. Julia’s combined interests in genetics and law inspired her to become a member of the Human Genetics Society of Australia’s (HGSA) Education, Ethics and Social Issues Committee, including two years as Co-Chair of this committee which establishes best practice guidelines for the practice of clinical genetics and provides advice on emerging issues in the practice of clinical genetics.


· Cancer genetic counselling and testing: breast cancer, ovarian cancer, bowel cancer, uterine cancer (in accordance with eviQ guidelines).

· Reproductive genetic carrier screening (pre-pregnancy and up to 10 weeks of pregnancy).

· Discussion of reproductive options following carrier testing.

· Carrier testing for a genetic condition previously identified in your family.